First Week is In The Books

Oh Man.  That was a wild first week.  Thanks for everyone's support at U of C , The Garage, Eskell and Maria's.  This week we'll be near the Empty Bottle (1035 N Western) after Monday's King Kahn and the Shrines show (ETA midnight).  We're serving lunch alongside The Salsa Truck at The Garage (116 N Aberdeen) on Thursday with plans to head out to a as of now undecided location that night.  There is a very good chance we will be at The University of Chicago for Friday's lunch.  Saturday we'll be between Division and Augusta on California Avenue for California Nights, a night of Art, Vintage and Community (read: $5 for a free refillable beer cup) on California Ave.

As always the best place to find the most up to date info on where and when we'll be serving is on our Events page and by checking twitter (which you'll find a feed of on our events page in case your not into tweety things).