Sometimes your tastebuds just crave German cuisine– which is where this food truck comes into play. They cater to both meat lovers in the form of grilled sausages from a rotation of local butchers, as well as kebabs filled with vertical spit-roasted chicken and all the tradition fixings. Vegetarians will find veggie kebabs and wursts in the form of vegetables and a fried sietan/tofu sauce. If you are tired of eating Chicago dogs, seek out Döner Men for a Currywurst. — Ross Perkins, 15 Food Trucks in Chicago to Seek Out

It was just a little late at night when I stumbled upon Döner Men’s truck serving up German style kabobs and sausages. The guy in front of me was so enthralled by the made-in-house curry sauce that I thought he might have to change his drawers, so I ordered up a currywurst. The combination of a mild, sliced up brat with the spicy curry sauce really was good. They also offer chicken kabobs and plenty of vegetarian options. — Casey Moffitt, The 10 Best Food Trucks In Chicago - CHICAGOIST

Doner, the traditional street food of Turkey and Germany, isn't too easy to find in Chicago, but luckily Doner Men do a darn good job with it.   I adore DönerMen’s currywurst, perfectly grilled sausage doused with spicy tomato curry, so much that I always get it when I visit the food truck. I branched out this month, though, and went with the Döner Box, and I’m going to add it to my regular lunch rotation. It starts with a base of fries, which are topped with tender, spiced chicken, greens, a whole bunch of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, fiery harissa and a cooling dollop of yogurt. The fries and chicken are hearty, but the veggies keep it feeling light. — Amy Cavanaugh, The 15 best food trucks in Chicago - TIMEOUT

October 10th brought food trucks circles up in Daley Plaza for a food truck rally. Color me excited! I love food trucks. I’m all about many of them gathering and filling the plaza with their delicious smells. After some tweeting on part of my lady, one truck in particular, DönerMen, came forward as having some killer vegan options. Specifically their DruidWurst, a vegan version of currywurst.   It was amazing. The sauce was spicy and sweet, the fries were a delicious crispiness. And the lady was incredibly happy to have currywurst again! I will definitely be visiting them again — Vikki Otero - THE CHI CITY VEGAN